Bonobos Pop-Up Retail Store

This interior was entered into the PAVE 2012 Student Design Competition. The objective was to design a traveling “pop-up” retail store for the predominantly online men’s clothing store Bonobos. These temporary stores would travel through cities introducing the public to their clothing in a brick and mortar setting.

My concept was to subtly create an environment of pixilation in reference to the web based platform that Bonobos uses. The orthogonal displays define circulation, display clothing, and provide storage. They interlock for easy transport on castor wheels and conform to a variety of spaces. The natural material palette of the interior matches the conservative yet playful sensibility of the clothing while not distracting from its vibrant color palette.

Customers are encouraged to connect with Bonobos on a social media site streamed behind the check out counter. A discount would be given when customers connect with and post a picture of themselves in the store to the site. These hand renderings were made with Prismacolors and ink on vellum.

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